Chiswick Rowing Trust

Promoting rowing in West London

Purpose of the Chiswick Rowing Trust

To promote Community Appreciation of Sport in general and of Rowing in particular.

To grant access to those Buildings, Facilities and Spaces which are under the control of the Trust, by way of Leases and Licences as appropriate.

To grant Awards and Prizes which help to encourage Participation in Rowing by Youths in particular.

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Charity No. : 1185245

What we do

We promote and grow the use of the Quintin Hogg University Boathouse site.

We support local community Rowing regattas and events.

We especially support Youth Participation in Rowing

We grant access to Buildings, Facilities and Spaces through the use of leases and licences.

Promoting Junior and Student Rowing on the Chiswick stretch.


Promoting Youth rowing at the Chiswick, Borne and Barnes & Mortlake Regattas through the provision of rowing-specific Victor Ludorum prizes. 
Promoting Community Rowing on the Chiswick stretch


Congratulations to Coach Jackie the Chiswick School J14 girl’s crew who beat Kew House School in the final of Barnes and Mortlake Regatta to win the school’s first pots for over 25 years!

Picture : the cup being awarded by Chiswick Rowing Trustee Hilary Cook.

None of this would be possible without the support of two local charities – The Quintin Hogg Memorial Fund (QHMF) and The Chiswick Rowing Trust (CRT), who promote the growth of local youth rowing and fund the Chiswick School rowing programme. An added reward for both the QHMF and CRT was seeing the boat and blades recently provided to the school prove victorious on its homestretch of water.

In 1888 Quintin Hogg paid to have a boathouse built on the present site in Chiswick. The original mainly wooden boathouse was pulled down in 1924 and replaced by the present one. One hundred years later the Quintin Hogg Trust have decided to invest over £3,000,000 to rebuild the existing boathouse with Chiswick Rowing Trust responsible for fitting out the building to bring the site up to date to meet the future needs of the clubs and schools using the site.

In return for fitting out the new Boathouse QBC have agreed terms for a 25 year lease to future proof the site for both the club and rowing.

The front part of the building which comprises the beautiful clubroom and balcony is being retained. Behind this a new 3 story building will provide :


  • A bigger modern boathouse with 7 boat bays
  • A dedicated Crew Room for debriefing and recovery bewteen outings
  • Four modern changing rooms that can be interconnected and configured for juniors, men and women.
  • Large bar which is bigger and more suited to the events space.
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • New cardio gym and weights room on the 2nd floor of the building.
  • New outdoor toilet facilities on the ground floor.
  • Disabled Access by means of a lift to both floors.
  • Bigger and better events space including a large terrace that will provide space for social and community activities.

Innovative use of the @QuintinBC
Boathouse by the @LittleFoxesClub, transforming the space into a natural light filled art room for their Easter Sports Camp.

The Quintin Hogg Memorial Fund working with the Chiswick Rowing Trust, which promotes the growth of youth rowing, has agreed to buy a new coxed four boat for @ChiswickSchool, a local state secondary mixed comprehensive school.

Who rows out of the Chiswick Rowing Trust Site?

University of Westminster

The University of Westminster Student Union Boat Club is a friendly and competitive club catering for beginners as well as experienced rowers and scullers.

As well as entering local heads and regattas, Westminster takes part in the BUCS Regatta.

The Westminster Dragons evolved out of the Polytechnic Rowing Club (founded 1879) which itself traces its routes back to 1874 and Hanoverian United Athletic Club’s Rowing Section, named after the original site of the institute that became the Polytechnic and eventually the University of Westminster.

Quintin Boat Club

Quintin Boat Club is a rowing and sculling club racing at all levels from novice to elite, from Learn to Row courses to competing at Henley and the World Masters Championships.

Constituted in 1907, QBC evolved out of the Regent Street Polytechnic’s Rowing Club which was started in 1879.

In 1888, the Polytechnic’s founder, Quintin Hogg, paid to have a boathouse built for it at Chiswick and also paid for a fleet of boats. Quintin have been based at the site since their founding.

Chiswick School

Chiswick School is an inclusive, community school with a focus on academic rigour and success. The curriculum is designed to allow students to compete at the highest level. We marry this with care and kindness and a sense of community.

The school has recently been nominated for Secondary School of The Year in the prestigious national TES awards.

The school run a rowing programme for pupils from Year 8 onwards.

Grove Community Rowing

An exciting new initiative at the University Boathouse site sees the creation of a new rowing club – Grove Community Rowing.

Chiswick School Head Coach Jackie Eastwood has set up this club to cater for new entrants into the sport.

Grove Community Rowing will both introduce members of the local community to the sport and offer them a year round opportunity for training and recreation.

The picture below is a race between Grove and Chiswick School at Chiswick Regatta in 2023


Kew House School

Kew House School runs a rowing programme from Year 7 to Year 13.

The move to the University Boathouse site enabled the school to launch its very own Boat Club (in September 2018.

The programme is going from strength to strength, often sporting the largest single school entry at local events. KHS entered a boys’ quad in the Fawley Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta for the first time in 2021.

East India Club

The East India Club Rowing Section (to give the club its full title) boats out of Quintin Boat Club in Chiswick.

The EIC started rowing in 2008 and regularly competes at local Heads and Regattas as well as Henley Royal Regatta.

They offer rowing for all statuses bar Novice With levels of seriousness running from wishing to win a pot to winning rounds in the Ladies Plate they look to offer both a year round base for rowing as well as a summer base for students.

London Youth Rowing

London Youth Rowing is a charity that encourages disadvantaged young people to be active, and improve their physical, social and mental wellbeing.

LYR helps develop crucial life skills, which are necessary for success in the classroom and the workplace.

LYR enables young people to participate in the unique sport – indoor and on-water rowing – across London, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability or ability.

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Company Reg. No. : 10347810

Charity No. : 1185245